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PPC management services for small businesses

Collect more achievements…potential customers, that is…by being present and ready when they’re looking for you.

Since more and more people research and purchase online, every business needs to consider paid media advertising alongside organic search strategies to enhance their digital marketing efforts.

Is every type of paid media right for your business? Probably not. Determining which digital advertising tactics and platforms to use is the first step in creating a successful paid media strategy. Our team of Google Ads experts take a data-driven approach, incorporating market research and strategic marketing methodologies to inform decisions and guide recommendations.

Whether you’re a multinational firm or a small business, our expertise is geared towards helping businesses manage their paid media efforts efficiently and effectively, with a focus on delivering tangible deliverables and achieving your business goals.

Let us develop a strategy that is customized for your unique business!

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Paid Search Advertising

When managed intelligently, paid search advertising can be an extremely effective source of lead generation and revenue; however, because advertisers pay per click and not by lead or purchase, without proper ads management there is the potential to waste budget without getting the return you could on your investment. 

This is where our PPC marketing agency expertise can help.  Our team, using their years of experience and training, monitor every account daily, gathering data and applying optimizations continuously to improve performance to help you grow your business.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising has become a necessary tool in the toolbox of a strong digital marketing strategy. Given all the options and how quickly they change, not every platform is right for every business. That’s why we have developed a social media marketing program that focuses on everything you need and nothing you don’t. 

Our team works across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Spotify (podcast), TikTok, and we evaluate and train on new ones as they roll out. With years of experience across various industries, and working with clients across the globe, we utilize cross-channel strategies, catalog optimization, advanced audience targeting, creative testing, and podcast promotions to improve your social advertising performance and customer engagement.

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Many small companies struggle with managing their PPC campaigns effectively, so they often turn to PPC management companies for assistance. These local service companies specialize in helping businesses of all sizes, including small businesses, maximize their AdWords campaigns, including display advertising.

Display Advertising

Display ads can be effective to get your message in front of your company’s target market and drive new customers. Our methodology includes a thorough analysis of your brand and we discuss your digital marketing goals to the determine the correct short and long term approach. Afterwards, we help you find the creative that gets the best results, hone in on your target market through optimization, and manage your advertising campaign to deliver the best performance possible.

YouTube Advertising

Video advertising is growing exponentially as businesses realize the increased visibility and engagement with video ads for growing their business. Our award winning team are experts at creating strategic video campaigns that reach your target customer. drive engagement for your brand, and deliver measurable KPIs. 

With the expertise of PPC managers from reputable PPC companies, small business owners can achieve better results and grow their online presence, especially with youtube advertising. We offer the perk of managing the ppc software solutions for small businesses, to achieve great results with the youtube advertising strategy.

Ready to utilize the power of paid media advertising to fuel and help your business?

So are we – let’s talk today.

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PPC Management Services FAQs

When you hire a

PPC agency

like Unfair Advantage to manage your paid media and other marketing efforts, you free up your internal resources to do what they do best regarding product development, client relationship management (CRM), fulfillment, and the many other aspects of running a business. You also get our experts’  years of

digital marketing

training and experience helping many businesses grow applied to your unique business, goals, target market, and competitive situation.

Our client retention rate of 81% shows that our clients think it’s worth having an Unfair Advantage in their corner. We stay up-to-date with the latest trends, algorithm changes, and best practices, ensuring your campaigns remain competitive and adaptable. In a constantly evolving advertising landscape, a “set it and forget it” philosophy or software programs just won’t cut it. Using our decade plus experience and with our knowledge base of successful tests, we consistently conduct rigorous tests to identify which ad elements perform best and continually optimize campaigns to maximize their impact. Our unfair advantage for you is that we stay ahead of digital marketing tools and trends so you don’t have to.

PPC management is absolutely good for a small ecommerce business. One of the biggest advantages of ecommerce vs brick and mortar is the possibility of reaching a much larger audience - and that is also one of the biggest challenges. Smaller businesses can tailor their advertisement visuals and copy to reach specific demographics, locations, interests, and online behaviors, ensuring that their messages reach the most relevant audience. PPC also stands out for its measurable results. Small businesses can track key metrics like clicks, impressions, sales and other conversions, and return on investment (ROI), providing valuable insights into campaign performance. This data-driven approach allows for continuous optimization to improve results over time. In a competitive e-commerce landscape, a PPC management services company can empower small businesses to compete effectively, drive traffic, and boost sales while maintaining control over their advertising spend. Finding where your prospective customers are online and reaching them when they are considering purchasing is what our Unfair Advantage digital marketing experts, with an average of 3.5 years of digital marketing experience, can help a small ecommerce business to do efficiently and effectively.
A all-in-one service PPC agency can 'manage local' with PPC campaigns tailored to their specific geographic audience and Unfair Advantage has the capacity to deliver the same high level of service to both local businesses and enterprises due to our adaptable and client-centric approach. What sets us apart from other small business PPC management


is our commitment to offering personalized attention to all clients, irrespective of their size as it ensures hands-on monitoring, optimization, and transparent communication, which keeps the trajectory of their campaign performance on the right path. Effective advertising depends upon understanding your business’ target audience, whether that market is local, regional, national, or international. Our Unfair Advantage experts have been trained in enterprise-level marketing strategies and tactics and combine that with years of experience in applying those strategies and tactics to businesses and target markets of all sizes. However, other small business PPC service providers might leverage a tool to automate with set it and forget it, which we don't recommend as consistent monitoring and adjusting strategy on data is the best approach.