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Free Digital Marketing Audit

Wondering if a free digital marketing audit would provide strategic direction to your marketing plan?

Looking to explore or expand your digital marketing strategy to help your business grow?

Need help prioritizing your digital marketing efforts?

Whether you’ve worked with an agency or done your digital marketing in-house, we understand how challenging it can be to know what to do to most effectively reach your target audience in so many digital marketing channels.

Our free digital marketing audit looks at your current digital marketing efforts and provides not only opportunities for quick wins but also recommendations for how to scale your business and stay ahead of your competition, now and in the future. 

We know you want to grow your business. To do that you need a trusted digital marketing partner to work with you to implement ongoing strategies for reaching new audiences in the search engines. 

“Our Unfair Advantage team has consistently delivered results. You can tell they really know their stuff.”
– B2B Chief Marketing Officer 

In the past 15 years, our experts have seen a lot of change in the digital marketing world. Our commitment to delivering excellent results for our clients and our people has led to Unfair Advantage’s: 

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Google Partner
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Why Should You Get a Free Digital Marketing Audit from our Online Marketing Experts?

Our digital marketing audits may be free, but they provide valuable information about big changes and small tweaks to your digital marketing efforts that can lead to tremendous results.

What kind of results? Here are some recent client successes:

  • 11,800% increase in lead volume at 97% lower cost-per-lead for a B2B client who expanded into paid media
  • 157% revenue increase MoM and 84% increase in orders with a 44% decrease in cost-per-order during the low season for a B2C client
  • 516.5% increase in branded clicks and 133.3% increase in non-branded clicks as well as significant increases in visibility for an SEO client undergoing a site migration
  • 171% increase in organic revenue 1q23 vs 1q22 through SEO improvements for a food and beverage B2C business website
  • More than 2X newsletter signups while reducing the cost/signup by 64% for a niche online newsletter through paid social media

What Can Our Unfair Advantage Digital Marketing Experts Help Answer with a Free Digital Marketing Audit?

Has your digital marketing gotten stuck? Our digital marketing experts start the free digital marketing audits with where you’ve been to help create a online advertising strategy that gets you where you want to go. 

Paid Media (PPC or Pay-Per-Click)

Have your paid media results plateaued? Our paid media digital marketing audit looks at account structure, pay per click (PPC) bids, and ads to find growth opportunities for your paid search advertising campaign. We look at your digital advertising efforts from social media marketing (LinkedIn, Facebook, and more) to display advertising campaigns and other paid media channels.

Paid Media Projection Model

Have you been focused on SEO and wonder if expanding into paid media would generate additional growth for your business? Our paid media projection model dives into relevant search term volume and pricing to tell you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Have you seen a drop or a plateau in website traffic? Let our search engine optimization experts dig into the details to find out how to lift your organic traffic. Our SEO audit looks at technical SEO, on page SEO, off page SEO, SEO rankings, and SEO performance. Our SEO audits share insights and actionable implementation for medium term gains and long term traffic growth. When you leverage a robust search engine optimization content marketing plan and implement web development optimizations on content management systems like Hubspot and WordPress, you can get organic traffic momentum that can increase your lead generation and/or e-commerce return on investment.

Google Analytics

Does your data say you’re getting more website leads than you’re seeing? Our digital marketing audit focuses on analytics and identifies tracking and other data-related issues that might be hindering your digital marketing campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

Not sure which channel(s) would provide your business the most bang for the buck? Our paid social media marketing audit uses a combination of data and experience to refine your social media strategy.

Digital Advertising Competitor Analysis

Worried that your competition is getting ahead of you? A competitive analysis is included in our digital marketing audit. We have worked with e-commerce and lead generation clients for more than a decade and have deep experience in developing effective competitive strategies in many different industries.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Seeing website traffic but not as many conversions as you’d like? Our conversion rate optimization audit evaluates your website and key landing pages for opportunities to improve the user journey.

Ask About Your Unfair Advantage Free Digital Marketing Audit

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Digital Marketing Audit
Frequently Asked Questions

Our agency is in the top 3% of all agencies worldwide (Google Premier Partner) and we know that auditing a digital maketing strategy is much more than automated tools and basic checks. Our digital marketing audits have been improved consistently for more than a decade and we update it to meet best practices and what is currently working right now to drive ROI. 

When the Unfair Advantage digital marketing experts audit a digital marketing strategy, they begin with understanding the digital marketing goal (revenue, leads, and/or awareness). Afterwards, the digital marketing audit focuses on finding new opportunities or items that might be hindering performance. When the digital audit process is complete, the Unfair Advantage team presents the findings (in a prioritized manner of items with most impact first) of the free digital marketing audit. If the website is an e-commerce, we will focus on finding digital marketing strategies and ideas that will lead to a higher return on investment. On the other hand, if the website focuses on lead generation, we will look at current areas that are hindering performance and look for new ideas to drive a new influx of relevant audiences to the converting landing page.  

A free digital marketing audit is better than a internet marketing checklist because a team of experienced marketers will audit your online marketing efforts without any biases and will share actionable digital marketing insights that will drive performance. 

PPC can be leveraged to drive short term lead generation momentum and sales. On the longer term, SEO can be a great option as the relevant traffic acquisition costs can be reduced. The Unfair Advantage team recommends that you get a free digital marketing audit to get actionable online marketing insights that will drive your digital marketing performance. forward.  

Businesses can leverage the UFA free audits to optimize their digital marketing efforts. We  thoroughly assess various aspects of the digital marketing strategy, including website performance, social media presence, PPC, and SEO effectiveness (d0n't include email marketing). The UFA audits provide valuable insights and action items to help you fine-tune your digital marketing strategy.

A digital marketing expert with the right tools can find actionable insights that many other internet marketers can easily overlook. At Unfair Advantage, we understand the big picture and love digging into the granular details to see the golden nuggets that provide the most return on investment and drive digital marketing performance momentum.  

Two reasons:

1. To provide your business with actionable strategies and insights to improve your marketing

2. Should you choose to hire Unfair Advantage to implement those marketing strategies, having already completed this digital marketing audit provides us with a head start so that we can start making improvements on day one

Because we’ve already done a significant amount of the discovery, we can get started right away.

A digital marketing audit is a comprehensive evaluation of your online marketing efforts. It analyzes performance,  data, and strategies to provide insights and identify areas for improvement. By assessing various aspects such as campaigns, website, SEO, and brand consistency, it helps optimize your digital marketing for better results. 

Free digital marketing audits can benefit business owners and marketing leaders that need a second pair of eyes or a fresh perspective. The Unfair Advantage team recommends to contact us for a free digital marketing audit to uncover items that might be hindering performance or find new strategies that can unlock performance (revenue & leads) to new levels.  

One of our core values is honest and direct communication. Sometimes we discover that we aren’t a good fit and if that’s the case, we’ll tell you and try to provide you with suggestions for next steps that will be helpful. If we can’t substantially improve your marketing efforts and results, we’ll tell you because we want to know that our work will make a significant difference in reaching your business goals.
Digital marketing audits offer multiple different benefits:
  1. the paid media audit section helps maximize digital marketing effectiveness
  2. Helps optimize your internet marketing efforts
  3. Uncover data driven insights that can enhance your digital marketing strategy
Our Unfair Advantage free digital marketing audits, once we have access to your relevant account(s), are typically completed in two weeks. While not a comprehensive audit, this provides answers to three key questions:
  1. Is Unfair Advantage the right agency to help you, given your current marketing efforts and your goals?
  2. What are the KPIs/goals/areas to focus on?
  3. What are the initial priorities?

At Unfair Advantage, we believe that all industries would benefit from a free digital marketing audit as we are industry agnostic on purpose. Our focus is to have a diverse set of digital marketing knowledge and experiences to apply across our customers. 

A digital marketing audit helps identify opportunities and strengths of your current marketing efforts. When you review the free digital marketing audit, you can adjust your business goals and even shift your budget allocations. This audit will help you make data based decisions to push your digital marketing momentum forward. 

The Unfair Advantage team looks at online sales trends, landing page lead volume, customer acquisition cost, traffic, cost per actions, ROAS (return on advertising spend), and top performing webpages. The more information you share with us, the more digital marketing actionable insights you can get from your free digital marketing audit.

Yes. Regardless of whether you choose to hire Unfair Advantage, you will get strategic and tactical recommendations from our online audit that will, if implemented, improve your marketing and drive a positive return on investment.  

Give Unfair Advantage access to a few key platforms like Google Analytics, WordPress, Facebook, Hubspot, LinkedIn etc., and we do the rest.

It depends but our free website audit can include paid media, social media, search engine optimization, analytics, and conversion rate optimization. We have rigorous 100+ point digital marketing audits for each area of our expertise and this free digital marketing audit is a distilled version of those.  

The Unfair Advantage digital marketing team leverages multiple different tools to do free digital marketing audits. Some of them include Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Semrush, Ahrefs, and Google Ads. With a combination of these tools we are able to turn data into actionable insights that drive sales and leads.