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Unlocking Growth: Why SMBs Should Invest in Paid Social Advertising

In today's digital age, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face unique challenges when reaching their target audiences and driving growth. While most SMBs recognize the importance of digital marketing, many struggle with limited resources and expertise. In this blog post, we explore why SMBs should consider paid social advertising as part of their social media strategy, what to consider when running social ads, and how to choose the proper platform to run on.

Why Paid Social Advertising Matters for SMBs

Paid social advertising can be a game-changer for SMBs looking to expand their reach and boost revenue. How?
  1. Paid social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (X) and LinkedIn offer powerful targeting options that allow businesses to reach their ideal customers. Precise targeting ensures your ad budget is spent on the most relevant audience and allows for measurable results.
  2. Advertising on paid social provides detailed analytics, making it easier to track key performance indicators (KPIs), allowing for greater understanding of campaign impact. This data-driven approach helps refine strategies for better results.
  3. Running paid social ads also helps smaller businesses compete with larger corporations through engaging and compelling ads. The size of your budget matters less than the quality of your content and targeting.

Special Considerations for Paid Social Advertising

While paid social advertising offers numerous benefits, small and medium sized businesses need to approach it strategically. It is important to define goals clearly. Whether it's increasing website traffic, generating leads, or boosting sales, knowing what you want to achieve will guide your strategy. Another important consideration is how much you're willing to spend on advertising. When planning overall investment, small businesses must also think about what they are willing to spend on ad creative. Investing in high-quality ad content will help with overall campaign performance. Well-crafted visuals and compelling ad copy can make a significant difference in engagement and conversion rates. Even if minimal, a portion of the budget should be allocated to testing and optimizing campaigns. Businesses should constantly test different ad creatives, audience segments, and ad formats to help discover what works best.

Choosing What Platform to Use:

When considering advertising on paid social, it is important to choose the proper platform to use for your goals. Each platform has their important benefits and considerations.

Meta (Facebook and Instagram):

Benefits of Using it for SMBs:

Broad User Base: Meta has billions of active users, making it an ideal platform to reach a wide and diverse audience. Highly Visual: The media focus of these ad formats is particularly effective for businesses in visually appealing industries like fashion, food, and travel. Advanced Advertising Tools: Meta offers robust targeting options and various ad formats, making it effective for both B2C and B2B. It is also a great way to get in front of users who may not be actively seeking out your products or services.


High Competition: Meta is a highly competitive space with many advertisers potentially leading to increased advertising costs. Algorithm Changes: Keeping up with algorithm changes can be difficult. It is an ever-changing platform, meaning something that worked last month may not necessarily work this month. Read Facebook strategies for B2B and B2C to learn more details about using this powerful channel.


Benefits of Using it for SMBs:

B2B Networking: LinkedIn is the go-to platform for B2B networking and lead generation. Industries like B2B SaaS and manufacturing can easily connect with decision-makers and industry professionals. Targeted Advertising: Precise targeting options help SMBs reach their ideal B2B audience.


Professional Content: Content on LinkedIn should be tailored to a professional audience and focus on industry insights and expertise. It is not the best platform for ecommerce. Budget Allocation: LinkedIn ads can be more expensive compared to other platforms. Thinking about advertising on LinkedIn? Get more information on how to determine if LinkedIn ads would be right for your business.


Benefits of Using it for SMBs:

Hashtag Visibility: Effective use of hashtags can increase the visibility of SMBs' content and help them join relevant conversations. Brand Awareness: Twitter can be an effective platform for building brand awareness and driving website traffic.


Consistent Engagement: Frequent and consistent engagement is key on Twitter, so SMBs should be prepared for frequent creative refreshes to maintain an active presence. Content Variety: It is important to diversify content with a mix of text, images, videos, and links to keep the audience engaged. Check out this post to learn more about using Twitter for paid advertising.


Benefits of Using it for SMBs:

Viral Potential: TikTok's algorithm can quickly propel small businesses to viral status, helping increase brand exposure. Younger Audience: TikTok attracts a younger demographic, making it suitable for SMBs targeting millennials and Gen Z consumers.


Content Quality: High-quality, entertaining, and authentic content is essential on TikTok to capture users' attention. The quick nature of the platform makes it important to quickly capture the attention of the audience. Trend Awareness: Staying updated with TikTok trends and challenges can be difficult, but it is important to align content with what’s popular.

Does it work?

A great example of an SMB utilizing paid social is Ordoro. A B2B SaaS company, Ordoro’s platform helps ecommerce companies manage their inventory and order fulfillment. Initially, Ordoro relied on organic social media efforts for brand exposure and lead generation but they soon realized this approach limited audience reach and conversions. Seeking to expand their market reach and accelerate growth, Ordoro embraced paid social media advertising. Through meticulous targeting and compelling ad creatives, we helped Ordoro strategically deploy paid campaigns across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. By leveraging advanced targeting options, we were able to reach defined audience segments, ensuring maximum relevance and engagement. Additionally, we employed dynamic ad formats and persuasive messaging to capture attention and drive action. As a result, Ordoro witnessed a significant surge in website traffic, lead generation, and conversions. Their investment in paid social media advertising translated into tangible business outcomes, with a notable increase in revenue, and the enhanced brand visibility and customer engagement fostered long-term relationships and brand loyalty. The success seen with Ordoro underscores the pivotal role of paid social media advertising for SMBs. Read more about Ordoro success here. For SMBs in almost any industry, paid social advertising is a powerful tool that can drive growth and boost ROI. By approaching it strategically, allocating budgets wisely, choosing the proper platform, and continuously testing, SMBs can compete effectively in the digital marketplace. Contact us to talk about how to give your social media strategy an Unfair Advantage!

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